How to find SIM ICCIDs and EIDs

There are multiple identifiers or “SIM numbers” that can be used to identify the SIMs you receive from Hologram. You will need to reference these IDs when activating SIMs for the first time, and you can search your dashboard by any ID you have access to. You can activate SIMs in your dashboard using any available ICCID or EID for your SIMs.


What are the IDs on a SIM card?

Every SIM ships with at least one ICCID, which is the ID of a profile installed on the SIM that gives you access to a cellular carrier network through Hologram. Our SIMs ship with either one (Single-Core) or two (Dual-Core) preinstalled profiles. Each SIM also has an EID, the unique global identifier of the eUICC SIM, also known as the eUICCID.


Activating SIMs using an ICCID

The ICCIDs of profiles preinstalled on a Hologram SIM are printed on the triple cut card. One of these ICCIDs is printed with the barcode and directly on the Nano (4FF) SIM card. You can activate and search for SIMs by any installed profile ICCIDs.

If you purchased a box of SIMs from Hologram, the range of SIM ICCIDs included in the box are listed as ICCID Start to ICCID End.


Activating SIMs using an EID (eUICCID)

Each eUICC-enabled Hyper SIM also has an EID, the unique global eUICC ID given to a SIM when it is manufactured. You can activate and search for SIMs by EID.


What is the "primary" ICCID or SIM number on a SIM card?

At any given time, only one profile on a SIM card can be enabled and actively using data. This is the enabled profile ICCID. You may also see this enabled profile referred to as the "SIM Number," "Active SIM Number," "active ICCID," or "active profile."

Note: ICCIDs are part of the profile on your SIM. If a profile is ever changed or removed, the ICCIDs on your SIM will also change. Dual-Core SIMs with network fallback change active profiles when switching to a backup profile, changing the active profile ICCID for your SIM.


Finding a SIM's ICCIDs in the single device page

In your dashboard, you can find SIMs by ICCID by searching for a SIM, or navigating to the Devices section in the main menu.

After opening the Single device page for a SIM, the Profiles tab lists the enabled profile details in the Hyper eUICC card. The Profile history card provides a list of profiles added and removed from the SIM card. The bottom-most row will list one of the preinstalled profile ICCIDs printed on the physical SIM card.

The profiles installed on our Hyper SIMs can be changed over the air using the eUICC platform to adjust your coverage, and a record of these changes are listed on this page. The active profile ICCID is labeled in the table.

Profiles installed on a SIM card at the time of manufacture are called bootstrap profiles. Additional profiles installed on a SIM after manufacturing are known as operational profiles.


Finding the EID (eUICCID) for a SIM

In your dashboard, you can find a SIM's EID by searching for a SIM or navigating to the Devices section in the main menu, opening the Single device page for a SIM, then opening the Profiles tab.

When do ICCIDs on a SIM card change?

An ICCID is the ID of a profile installed on a SIM card. When a profile changes on that SIM card, whether through an over-the-air (OTA) update, profile swap, or a network fallback event on a Hyper SIM, those ICCIDs may change. The EID on a SIM will never change.


What other IDs can be used to track a SIM card?

We give each SIM it's own SIM ID, hologramSimId, the primary identifier we use to track our SIM cards. This is a unique ID per SIM card like an EID, but is shorter to make it easier to work with file exports and reports. Each SIM is also installed in a physical device, which we represent using the Device ID, or deviceId.


Find ICCIDs and eUICCIDs in a SIM page

Identifiers for SIM cards are easier to find in a SIM's details page.

  1. From the SIMs page, open a SIM.
  2. The eUICCID is found on the SIM and device tab, which includes all information about the SIM and the last known device we saw it within.

  3. ICCIDs for currently installed profiles are found in the Profiles tab and in the header of the page.

  4. A historical record of installed ICCIDs for the SIM are listed in the Profile history card. You can show this information by clicking the Show profile details button in the bottom-right corner of the Profiles card.


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