How to find a device via search

To find a device in the Hologram Dashboard you can use the search bar in the top navigation menu. This search function is available on every page in your dashboard. The search modal can be opened by clicking on the search bar in the nav menu, or you can use the Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut (⌘K on a Mac).



Once you type in a search term, we will automatically search for devices across all Active, Pre-deployment and Deactivated devices with a single action, and the modal will display the first 8 matching devices in a list. To open a given device, either click on it with your mouse, or scroll with the arrows on your keyboard and hit Enter (Return on a Mac).



If there are more than 8 matching results and you don’t see the device you are looking for, you may want to use a more specific search term. Or, you can open the Devices page and use a combination of filters and sorting to find the device.


Having trouble finding a device via search

If you are searching for a device in your dashboard and cannot find it, here are some helpful tips to guide you towards how to best find your devices using the search box.

  • If you have just activated a device (or updated the name of a device), it sometimes can take a few minutes for the device to be available via search. The update process is constantly running, so try to wait a couple minutes, refresh the page, and try the search again.
  • Search for the LAST FOUR OR FIVE digits of the IMEI
  • Any search that includes the 1st digit of the IMEI or ICCID
  • Search for a device using the name of the device
  • Search for a device using the ENTIRE IMEI

If those quick tips do not help, below are some more detailed guidelines. 


Tips for getting better search results

If you are searching for a device in your fleet and unable to locate it, please first confirm that you have typed in the correct and accurate identifying piece of information. The Hologram search bar will search across the following data attributes for potential device matches in your organization:

  • Hologram Device ID
  • Hologram Link ID
  • IMEI
  • Device Name
  • Phone Number

Searching by IMEI

The IMEI is the unique identifier of your hardware device. We usually get this from the carrier network, and when we do, we store it in our system and it is available for search. In some cases, we do not get the IMEI back from the carrier, in which case you should try the ICCID, LinkID, or device name instead.

If you are trying to find a device by searching for an IMEI number, it is always best to use the entire IMEI number. If you do not have the entire IMEI, here are some helpful hints to help get you the best search results:

  • Search using the LAST FOUR digits of the IMEI.
  • Search using the LAST FIVE digits of the IMEI.
  • DO NOT search by using the middle portion of the IMEI.
  • Search for the FIRST FEW digits of the IMEI. As long as you include the very first digit of the IMEI, any number of digits will work (the more the merrier). A partial search that does not include the very first digit will not display your intended device.

When searching IMEI, here are some sample searches that will (or won't) work:


Searching by ICCID

Try searching by using the ICCID of the SIM card in the device

  • To find a device by ICCID, you must use the whole ID. A search for a portion of the ICCID may not return desired results
  • Search for a partial ICCID by including the very first digit of the ICCID. Currently a search for the end of an ICCID will not return your desired results. 

Searching by name

Try searching by the name of the device. If you are searching by the name and you cannot find it:

  • Check for misspellings
  • If your organization has many devices with the same name, there may be a large number of results returned and finding the exact device you want might be hard. In this case, try narrowing your search by using the last few digits of the IMEI instead.

Still having trouble?

If you have recently updated any of the device information above or added a new device to your organization, your new device or device name updates may not be immediately available in Hologram's search database. However, these updates are regularly processed within a few minutes on a rolling basis for accurate search results. If after a few minutes you are still unable to find your device via the search bar, please reach out to with your search parameters and any other identifying information about the device so the team can investigate.

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