Transfer devices between organizations

Transferring devices is a great way to organize your team's deployment and consolidate organizations. Since devices belong to organizations and not users, transferring a SIM effectively transfers its ownership.


Note: Before you transfer a device, you must be part of more than one organization. This guide goes over this. If you need to transfer a device to a new owner, they need to create a new organization, add you as a collaborator, and give your Admin access so you can transfer the devices to their new organization.

1) Go to the Devices section of the Dashboard


2) Select the device(s) you want to transfer. You can transfer up to 10 devices at once. If you want to bulk transfer devices you will need to use the REST API.

3) Hit the Manage button and select the Transfer to organization option.


4) This will trigger a pop up where you select the organization to transfer the device(s) to from the list of organizations you are a part of.

5) Hit the Transfer devices button to complete the transfer.

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