Create a data pool

Pooled data plans are a great alternative to individual data plans given that they allow you to share a set amount of prepaid data across multiple devices. In this guide we go over how to set up a data pool.

Limited functionality
Data pools are available by contacting our sales team, and to legacy accounts with our Flexible data data plan.


If a data pool is applied to a Pay as you go or Flexible data data plan, the base data costs will be charged directly to your credit card on file. Data usage overages and SIM platform fees will draw from your balance like all regular transactions. If the data pool is on a Pay monthly data plan, the base data costs will be drawn down from your balance.

If you run out of data in your data pool, your devices will be charged regular data usage rates for the data plan they are on.


Set up a data pool

  1. From the Devices section in the main menu, open the Data plans page.

  2. Go to the Data pool Card and press the Setup data pool Button.

  3. Next you will see the Setup data pool window which is where we can set the pool size from one of several options and set the start date.
    Note: Data pools restart on the 1st of each month so its best to set this up early in the month or schedule the pool to start in the next month.

  4. Once you are done, press the Subscribe to pool button.
  5. Back in the Data plans page, you will see information for your data pool, a button to disable it, and button to change it for the next month.



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