Over the Air (OTA) updates for the Hologram Dash (deprecated)

As of May 2019 the Hologram Dash has been depreciated and Hologram is no longer supporting it. 

Note: OTA Updates for the Dash were be sunset on March, 31st 2019

Over the air (OTA) updates allow you to update code on your Dash remotely. This is incredibly useful for remote deployments. Additionally, the new data is delivered over SMS so if your device is offline the update will get queued until your Dash is available again.

To send updates over the air to your Dash follow the steps below:

1) Set your Programmer to hologram.io OTA programmer via Tools Programmer. Also make sure that under Tools Board you have selected Dash.

2) Click on the Upload button on the Arduino IDE. This will open the Hologram Updater prompt and ask you to paste in your Hologram API Key. This can be found on your Dashboard under API in the settings menu off the Initial Icon on the top left-hand side.

3) Pasting in your Hologram API Key and clicking OK will open a new Hologram Updater prompt where you need to select the organization for the device you want to update.

4) After step 3 you should get a final Hologram Updater prompt asking you to select the device to receive the update. Clicking OK will send the OTA update to your device.

The OTA update will be sent to your device immediately and shouldn't take long to process. While your device is uploading the new code the program LED will turn on automatically. This is an indicator that your update when through.

You should NOT press the Dash's program button for OTA updates. 

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