What's an example of a Hologram use case?

A great example of a company that can benefit from using Hologram is one that manages a fleet of vehicles and needs to track where its vehicles are to manage its operations. 

Previously, the company would need to contact a carrier to get data plans and work through a lengthy sales process to even test connectivity for GPS tracking devices in its fleet's vehicles. As the fleet scales, the company would negotiate rates by signing an annual contract and commit to scaling its fleet to a specified volume in the next year. As the company scales across the country and finds that the carrier has spotty coverage in parts of the country or globally, the company would then need to repeat this process with yet another carrier. As the company upgrades its tracking devices to the latest cellular networks like LTE CAT-M, the company would need to repeat this process yet again with a carrier that supports this technology.

With Hologram, companies avoid the headache of negotiating contracts with carriers while ensuring access to every available cellular network and technology. Hologram focuses on global IoT connectivity so companies can focus on growing and scaling their business.


For more use cases and specific case studies, visit our Customer Stories page.

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