Troubleshooting device tunneling

This guide reviews how to troubleshoot Spacebridge. Spacebridge allows you to remotely access your devices using secure authenticated tunnels.

1) Ensure SSH is running on the device you're trying to connect to.

2) Ensure that the cellular interface is the default route on your devices networking table.

3) Confirm that the sudo hologram modem connect command was run on the end device.

4) Confirm that you are not sending responses over the wireless or Ethernet instead of ppp device.


If Spacebridge outputs the following error, follow the steps below:

Incoming request failed: ChannelException(1, 'Administratively prohibited')"

1) On your computer, navigate to the .hologram directory in your user directory.

2) Remove the key files.

3) Run the client again. The key files will be regenerated.

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