Troubleshooting Hologram Routes and Cloud Webhooks

This guide reviews troubleshooting steps for using Hologram Cloud Webhooks. You use webhooks to integrate your Hologram device with existing apps and services like Slack, Losant, AWS, and custom integrations to your own web apps.

I'm getting a Webhook connection error

This error usually happens when there is a malformed url in your webhook app configuration. The destination url needs to include the protocol.

Common fixes: Change to

I'm getting an Error decoding JSON message

Error decoding JSON for variable 'decdata.foobar'

This occurs when you have used the route template variable

Common fixes: Double check that the message data payload is properly formatted with valid JSON. Common formatting issues are uses of single quotes and the inclusion of numbers. If in doubt, use a JSON validator.

I am getting a Socket error: timed out message. What does this mean?

Socket error: timed out messages are the result of a failure to establish a connection. These are usually associated to devices being offline or not having the correct connection setup (Host or Port).

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