SIM errors “Paused by the System” or "Please contact support to change this plan."

You may see your SIM in the "Paused by System" state. When a SIM is in this state, you cannot update its plan or transfer it to another organization:


The system will pause your device for one of two reasons. You can check the reason by clicking into the specific device's page:

  1. You ran out of funds in your account balance
    • To fix this, simply add balance to your account and the system will automatically un-pause your device. You can add balance by navigating to the Account page under the Billing section. Click the Add Balance button and enter the desired dollar amount you wish to add. Finally, click Add Balance.
    • We recommend enabling auto refill so you can set and forget this. Hologram’s automatic refill feature allows users to automatically charge a credit card on file whenever the account balance gets below an amount designated by the user. Though it’s not required, we strongly recommend enabling this feature to avoid service interruption, which occurs when your account has a negative balance.
  1. Your device hit a Data Limit
    • To fix this, set a larger limit on the device to un-pause the device. Go to the Device's page by clicking on the device's name in the Active page of the Devices section. Next, go to the Data Plan tab where you should see the Data Limits card.

Please note that unpausing a device is automatic once the underlying cause has been addressed, but requires changes to propagate across our entire network before you see your device show up as live. You should see your device go from paused to live within a few minutes.

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