How can I manage my SIMs?

SIM management becomes incredibly important as you scale your deployment. The Hologram platform offers a range of options to keep track of SIMs and managing data usage. This guide reviews how to name a device, add tags, view organizations, add data limits, and export device information.



For identifying and grouping, we recommend naming your devices during activation or by clicking on a Devices name on its specific page. Naming devices will make identifying them easier as you scale. mceclip0.png



Tags are tools used to organize groups of devices within an organization. A device can be tagged multiple times making it easy to filter out devices on various levels. Tags can be added at the point of activation or from the tags tab on the devices page. You can use the left filter panel to filter by tags or various other options. 


Tags also can be added from within the device's specific page  




For a more robust option, you can create organizations to segment your devices and isolate billing for different projects. To create an organization, open the Organization dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and press the Create organization button.



To move SIMs to another organization, select the SIM(s) in your dashboard's Devices page. On the top left-hand side click on Manage then Transfer to organization, select the organization you want to move your SIM(s) to, and hit the Transfer devices button.



In order to transfer SIMs, your user account must have have Admin or Manager permissions. Your account balance must also be in good standing.



On the Devices page you are able to choose which type of devices you'd like to search using (Active, Pre-deployment, Deactivated) and then further drill down into the following categories. Keep in mind you can double filter, to drill down even further! 

  • Tags
  • Device Name
  • Usage
  • Status 
  • Last Active
  • Data Plan
  • IMEI
  • Activation Date 



Data usage limits

To manage your SIM(s) data usage, you can set Data usage limits. Setting data usage limits will automatically pause a device from using further data if it surpasses the amount of data used in a given billing cycle. This amount resets each billing cycle and can be adjusted at anytime.

You can set data usage limits in one of two pages, depending on your account. After opening the Single device page for SIM, open the Data usage limits tab and select from different options in the Set data usage limit card.



If a Data usage limits tab is not available, you can set data usage limits by going to the Data plan tab of the device's page and selecting different options in the Set data usage limit card.



Device export

Finally, you can manage your devices outside of the Hologram Dashboard by exporting a list of your devices by hitting the Export CSV button at the bottom left-hand side of the Devices page. This can be used for import into business applications and reporting from Hologram.



View SIMs by state

On the Devices page you can view all Active, Pre-deployment, or Deactivated devices using the dropdown in the top left-hand corner of the page.



This will help you quickly identify any deactivated devices or keep track of devices in pre-deployment testing.



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