Manage organizations and additional users

In this guide we go over ways to manage your organizations and the collaborators that are part of them. We also go over how to set an organization as your default organization.


Add another user to Collaborate

Collaboration requires you to create a new organization and invite your team members. This can easily be done in the dashboard by hitting the Create organization button under the Organizations dropdown on the top right-hand side of your screen. You can read more about the process of creating organizations here.

To add a team member click on the Settings section in the left-hand navigation panel of your organization's Dashboard. In the Teams card hit the Invite Collaborators Button. Collaborators will then receive an email inviting them to join your organization.

Collaborator Access Levels

Collaborators may be granted one of three access levels in an organization:

  • Can view devices and cloud messages
  • Can pause and resume devices
  • Can manage device settings that don't affect costs
  • Can manage app integrations
Manager: Same as Editor, plus
  • Can activate and deactivate devices
  • Can manage device settings that could affect costs (e.g. changing data plans)
Admin: Full access--same as Manager, plus
  • Can change billing settings

To modify the access level go back to the Settings section and modify the user's access.


Setting a default organization

When you have more than one organization it is helpful to set a default organization which will be the organization that first loads when you log into your dashboard. To set a default organization simply go the the Your account page in the Settings section. There you will find a View settings card with a Default organization option. To change the default organization simply select the organization you want to make the default from the drop down.






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