Purchase a phone number to send SMS messages to a SIM

Hologram offers phone numbers that you can associate with your Hologram SIM card. A phone number allows you to easily send an SMS message to your device from another SMS-compatible device. Phone numbers are NOT necessary to deliver an SMS via API calls or via your dashboard. They enable you to send an SMS to your device directly from another cell phone. Hologram phone numbers are not enabled for voice calling.

Phone number pricing depends on the country you select and are charged that monthly rate.

Note: To purchase a phone number you will need a billing address in that country. You can set that in the Account page of the Billing section in the main menu. You also need enough balance in your Hologram account to cover the first month's subscription for the phone number.

To purchase a phone number

1) Click on your device to go to the Single device page.

2) Go to your device's Data plan tab.



3) Scroll to the Phone number card and hit Purchase phone number.



4) Select the country for the phone number.



5) Click the Purchase phone number button.

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