What are your data plans?

Hologram offers a variety of data plans to give you the best price per MB for your deployments across the globe. Our United States, Canada, and Australia only data plans give you the best rates for deployments without roaming, and our Europe data plan provides coverage across Europe for a low fixed rate.

If you need global roaming our Global Pay as you Go data plan offers a single rate across 180+ countries. You can also change your data plans at any time in your dashboard if your needs or use cases change, and can read more about what data plan to choose here.

All our customers have access to our pay as you go data plans to get the best rates for flexible data usage. We also offer custom coverage, pay monthly data plans with discounted included data, and discounted data usage rates for organizations with qualifying fleets or data usage.

If your fleet has over 500 devices or your SIMs use more than 50 MB per month, please reach out to our sales team for more information about our custom data plans.


How can I pay for data usage?

Data usage is broken down into three types of data plans:

  • Pay as you go data plans — also known as Flexible Data data plans — offer a single, pay-as-you-go, rate for data anywhere on our Hologram's global network. They are ideal for projects where device activity varies month-to-month. You only pay for data you use, billed by the kilobyte.
  • Pay monthly data plans — also known as High Bandwidth data plans — are available through our sales team and provide a fixed amount of data each month for a fixed, prepaid subscription for each device. These data plans are ideal for devices with high, predictable data usage. Use this to save on lower data rates for each device and standardize your monthly connectivity spend.
  • Data Pools offer a monthly prepaid subscription for all devices in your organization, ideal for projects where data usage is consistent across devices.  Save on lower data rates across an organization by purchasing a pool.

A full description of our data plans is listed here. For information regarding larger deployments, please contact our sales team.


Limited functionality
Data pools and volume discounts are available by contacting our sales team, and to legacy accounts with our Professional Plan Flexible Data data plan.


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