What are your data plans?

Our plans come in three Editions tailored to give you the best experience for your specific use case and business model. These are the Maker Edition, designed to be the affordable choice for low volume projects; the Professional Edition engineered to give you the tools and reliability required to quickly scale your deployment; and the Enterprise Edition tuned to your specific needs. 

Pricing is then broken down into three plans:

  • Flexible Data: a single, pay-as-you-go, rate for data anywhere on our Hologram's global network, ideal for projects where device activity varies month-to-month. Only pay for what you use billed by the kilobyte.
  • Data Pools: a monthly prepaid subscription for all devices in an organization, ideal for projects where data usage is consistent across devices.  Save on lower data rates across an organization by purchasing a pool.
  • High Bandwidth: a monthly prepaid subscription for each device, ideal for devices with high data usage. Save on lower data rates for each device and standardize monthly connectivity spend.

A full description of or data plans is listed here. For information regarding larger deployments, please contact sales.

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