What is Hologram?

Hologram is a cellular connectivity platform for the Internet of Things. Our global IoT SIM card offers the best coverage possible as we partner with all major networks in the U.S and 470+ carriers globally. We are on the cutting edge of the cellular market with our support of the latest cellular technologies like LTE Cat-M1 and eSIM. Additionally, we offer unparalleled flexibility with no quotas or contracts and plans starting at $0.40/MB for global cellular data.

How does it work?

Hologram works by combining the coverage of over 470+ carriers in 200 countries into a single global SIM card. Just plug the SIM into your device and the device will connect to the strongest available network. From there, use our dashboard and API to manage your devices, update coverage and data plans on the fly, and track usage and billing.

What's an example?

A company who manages a fleet of vehicles needs to track where its vehicles are to manage its operations. 

Previously, the company would need to contact a carrier to get data plans and work through a lengthy sales process to even test connectivity for GPS tracking devices in its fleet's vehicles. As the fleet scales, the company would negotiate rates by signing an annual contract and commit to scaling its fleet to a specified volume in the next year. As the company scales across the country and finds that the carrier has spotty coverage in parts of the country or globally, the company would then need to repeat this process with yet another carrier. As the company upgrades its tracking devices to the latest cellular networks like LTE CAT-M, the company would need to repeat this process yet again with a carrier that supports this technology.

With Hologram, companies avoid the headache of negotiating contracts with carriers while ensuring access to every available cellular network and technology. Hologram focuses on global IoT connectivity so companies can focus on growing and scaling their business.

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