What is Hologram?

Hologram is a cellular connectivity platform for the Internet of Things. One Hologram SIM card connects IoT devices to 470+ carriers around the globe, including all major carriers in the US. Plus, our IoT Dashboard allows you to proactively monitor every device from a single interface.

How does it work?

Hologram is a network of networks. Our eUICC-capable SIMs combine the coverage of 470+ carriers in 200 countries and allow you to access new connectivity partnerships without any additional carrier negotiations, integrations, or hardware swaps. 

SIMs can be activated in the Hologram Dashboard or REST API and then installed in devices. Activated SIMs automatically switch carriers as needed to maintain a strong signal. The Hologram Dashboard and API can also be used to track data usage, manage spend, receive alerts, take bulk actions, and more.

Hologram offers flexible, pay-as-you-go data plans beginning at just $0.08/MB in the US and $0.19/MB for global plans. Custom and high volume data plans are also available. Learn more about pricing and coverage here.

What's an example?

A company that manages a fleet of vehicles needs to track vehicle location to improve operations.

Previously, the team would need to contact a carrier to get data plans. They would then work through a lengthy sales process just to test connectivity for GPS tracking devices in their fleet. If the company expanded into a new market and found that their carrier had spotty coverage in their new location, the team would then need to repeat this process with yet another carrier. The company would also need to repeat this process if they wanted to integrate the latest network technologies into their fleet. They may even need to recall vehicles to swap SIMs.

With Hologram, companies don’t need to navigate complex negotiations with large carriers, because we’ve already sourced the right connectivity options. We manage all carrier relationships, so teams can focus on scaling their fleet and expanding into new markets.

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