Set data limits in bulk via the REST API

Data Limits are a great way to prevent a device from unknowingly using large amounts of data. In this guide, we go over setting Data Limits in bulk using the REST API

If you aren't familiar with APIs, we highly recommend checking out or introduction to Hologram's REST API guide as well as using Postman to make the API calls mentioned in this guide.

All API requests require your API Key to be included in the header, which is detailed in the introduction guide. For brevity's sake, this guide does not include the header information

1) Get a list of linkids for the SIMs you want to add a Data Limit to. The easiest way to do this is downloading a CSV of the devices in your organization, which is described here.

2) Make the following API request:




Note: If you do not want the device(s) to have a data limit, set the limit to -1.

Data limits come into effect after the data session in which the limit is reached. Therefore, there is a chance that your device consumes more data than allowed via the Data limit feature.

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