How can I forward messages using Routes?

In this guide, we take a different approach and use the Hologram Dashboard's Routes feature to get messages originally sent using data and forwarding the payload to an email. This process applies to any device that is sending messages to the Hologram Dashboard which can be achieved using the embedded API mentioned above or our REST API.  

Limited functionality
This functionality is limited to customers certain legacy accounts. For more information, please reach out to our sales team.


M2M devices on the IoT should be using data whenever possible, they are after all "Things" on the internet. However, in some cases, you just need to send SMS messages

The Hologram platform charges for outbound (from the Hologram SIM to another device) SMS messages which can add up. To address this we provide a method of forwarding messages (more information documented on our embedded API's page).

The basic flow for how we will achieve this is as follows: device receives a message with a specific topic -- route on the dashboard is triggered by said topic and forwards the message to the email listed -- email gets the message in its inbox.

1) Set up the SMS route. You can get more in-depth information on that process here. Give the route a name, select the topic you will be sending messages with, and choose the destination email, along with the email contents.


2) Send a message to the device. You can achieve this using the Hologram API (through code, the dashboard or any API tool).

Now check the device's logs to see if we got the message on the Dashboard.


Everything is looking good. Finally, let's see if we got the message in our email.


Indeed it looks like we got the message!

Furthermore, you can also use our basic templating syntax and variables as mentioned on the Routes guide above to send message metadata or filter out the information you want to be forwarded via email.

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