Enable and disable device tunneling keys

This guide reviews how to add a device tunneling key using the Hologram REST API. Spacebridge allows you to remotely access your devices using secure authenticated tunnels. Hologram issues each user a maximum of 5 tunnel keys, which are assigned to desktop clients, not SIMs/devices.

First, get your key's ID. Make the following request:

GET https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/tunnelkeys?withdisabled=0&userid=[YOUR_USER_ID]

The response will look like this:

"success": true,
"data": [
"userid": 0,
"disabled": 0,
"public_key": "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY"

To enable a key, make the following request:

POST https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/tunnelkeys/YOUR_SPACEBRIDGE_KEY_ID/enable

To disable a key, make the following request:

POST https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/tunnelkeys/YOUR_SPACEBRIDGE_KEY_ID/disable
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