View a device's recent data sessions

Tracking your account's overall usage can easily be done on the Dashboard's Usage page as instructed on this guide. However, if you want to get more in-depth information on a SIM's session by session usage you can do so by going to a specific Device's page and scrolling down on the Status tab until you get to the Recent Data Sessions section.

Hitting the Export JSON button on the top right will open up a new tab with JSON information on the latest 100 sessions the SIM had. Pro tip: Mozilla's Firefox browser automatically formats and color codes JSON making it a breeze to read. 


The information you will get is as follows:
-linkid which is one of your SIM's identifiers
which is the identifier for that specific session
which is the session start's timestamp (GMT)
which is the session end's timestamp (GMT)
which is the amount of data used in the session
which is the IMEI identifier for the modem the SIM is in
-imeisv which is the IMEISV (IMEI + 2 final digits for software version) identifier for the modem the SIM is in
which is the identifier for the cell your device is operating in
which is the location area code for the base transceiver station used
-network_name which is the name of the carrier the SIM was on during the session

This information is also available through our REST API using:


Please note that for your security Hologram only operates with session metadata. If you want to dive even deeper into your usage you'd need to use a device side network analyzer tool like tshark or bmon.

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