Change a SIM's data plan

One of the best parts of using a Hologram SIM is that you can change your data plan on-demand as your data usage needs or deployments change. Data plans can be changed at any time and they are updated instantaneously. 

Plan upgrade (going to a more expensive plan) changes mid-month are pro-rated based on remaining days in billing cycle. Plan downgrades (going to a cheaper plan) will incur no cost, but will not be refunded. Data pools can only be changed for the upcoming month. For more information on data pools, visit this page.

You can change a single SIM's data plan using the Hologram Dashboard, or automate updates for many SIMs using our REST API.


How to change data plans

  1. Click on the Devices section in the main menu of your dashboard.

  2. Select the device you would like to change the data plan for.
  3. Open the Data plan tab, and click the Change data plan button in the top-right corner of the Data plan card.

  4. Select your desired data plan and follow the data plan selection flow. If your organization has custom data plans available, they will appear first in this list before the default Hologram data plans.
  5. Press the Pay and change data plan button to submit your data plan changes.


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