Pre-deployment testing with Preflight

Hologram Preflight is a new set of tools and capabilities to streamline the cellular IoT supply chain for your organization.


Rather than manually activating devices, Hologram Preflight powers both a clear view into your SIM inventory as well as the ability to test pre-deployment devices before having to pay the monthly subscription cost once activated. As soon as devices ship from our warehouse, all SIMs appear inside your dashboard under the new Pre-deployment tab. You can even continue to use our powerful tagging feature to organize SIMs based on hardware, contract manufacturer, staging location, or final deployment region. 

Automate your workflow

Hologram Preflight makes it easy to trigger device activation automatically based on device behavior. For instance, you can configure devices to activate on a specific cellular plan the first time they connect to the network. 

Powering a seamless supply chain

Ensure pre-deployment devices are QA-ed and ready to launch prior to leaving your origin warehouse or manufacturer. Devices with Test mode enabled have access to 100KB of free data and up to 10 free device originated SMS messages prior to full activation. 




Hologram pre-deployment testing configurations

Quick manual activation
Expedite manual activation by removing the SIM entry step. 

SIMs set up for quick manual activation will appear on your dashboard as Inactive allowing users to simply check the devices they want to activate (individually or in bulk) and go through the regular activation process without having to type in any SIM numbers.

Activate on first use
Perfect for smooth onboarding and fast deployments.

SIMs in this pre-deployment configuration will automatically activate and begin billing after the first data transmission or device originated SMS. 

Test Hibernate
Helpful for R&D and testing at your manufacturer.

Each SIM is allotted up to 100KB of test data or 10 device originated SMS messages for use on the Hologram network before activation. Once a SIM has used up its allowance it will return to its Inactive state until a manual activation by your organization from your dashboard or via the REST API.

Note: Test ▸ Hibernate mode is not available for SIMs with multiple active profiles, for example, SIMs with network fallback enabled.

Test Activate
Streamline experience from origin to end customer.

Each SIM is allotted up to 100KB of data or 10 device-originated SMS messages for use on the Hologram network before activation similar to Test ▸ Hibernate. However, SIMs in this configuration will automatically activate on the preset data plan after the test data allowance is used up.


How this works in practice

  1. Your Hologram SIMs ship from our warehouse to your contract manufacturer. As soon as they ship you can see the inactive SIMs appear directly in your dashboard. 
  2. These SIMs are enabled with Test ▸ Activate configuration so that your manufacturer can ensure your cellular modem connects, transmits data properly, and the device functions perfectly.
  3. Once your devices arrive at their final destination, they'll activate automatically during your deployment, already pre-configured with the correct cellular data plan and capabilities.
  4. Look under the Devices page and open the dropdown in the top left-hand corner of the page to change views from Active devices to Pre-deployment devices


Limited functionality
This functionality is available to customers on Hologram Advanced or Hologram Premium plans and to certain legacy accounts. For more information, please contact our sales team.


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