CalAmp LMU-3030

CalAmp's LMU-3030 is an extremely useful OBD-II unit that makes remote tracking of vehicles and vehicle diagnostics a breeze. In this guide, we go over the setup required to get the LMU-3030 working on the Hologram network using our global IoT SIM.

Before we begin you need to make sure that your OBD-II unit will work in the country you are in and with the available technology. The LMU-3030 comes with GPRS, CDMA, HSPA and LTE Cat 1 options. It is important to make sure your device works with the bands in the location you plan to deploy in. For a full coverage and carrier list, please visit our coverage page.


1) First we need to make sure to activate our Hologram SIM on the Dashboard. Here is a link that walks you through that process. Once your SIM shows a green dot that indicates that its in LIVE status on the Dashboard we are ready to move on to the OBD-II unit.



2) Next, we need to insert the SIM into the OBD-II unit. The LMU-3030 uses a Mini SIM, which is the largest notched size.  

Make sure to follow the orientation reflected on the device's SIM slot and push the SIM card all the way in. Plug in your LMU-3030 In this example we are using an OBD-II simulator but any active OBD-II port should work.

3) Now we have to set the APN. This can be done in a few different ways. In this guide, we will show you how to do it using SMS messages from the Hologram dashboard. You will need to go back to the Hologram dashboard and into your SIM's messaging page by clicking on the device's name.


Making sure you are in the via SMS tab enter the following command in the Message prompt:


 Enter your cellular phone number with the correct area code in the Configure the "from" number prompt and hit the Send SMS message button. 

After a short while you should receive an "OK" message on your cellular phone.

4) Repeat step three replacing the Message prompt content with the following:


You should receive another "OK" message.

5) Next we need to make these changes permanent. To do so, send another message with the following information:


 Again, you should receive an "OK" message. 

 6) Finally we need to reset the device for the changes to take place. To do this send the following message:


 Your device should now be online and communicating to CalAmp's PULS portal.


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