Enable auto-refill

Enabling auto-refill is the best way to make sure you don't experience any balance related service interruptions. Follow these steps to set it up and forget about having to ever manually reload your account.


Enabling auto-refill 

1) Navigate to the Billing section in the main menu of your dashboard.



2) Once in the Account page of the Billing section make sure there is a valid payment method on file in the Payment method card.



3) Enable auto-refill by clicking the Enable auto-refill button at the bottom-right of the Account auto-refill card.



The settings in the auto-refill card allow you to change how much to add to your account and when to add it. This varies from use case to use case, but a popular choice is to add enough balance to cover your organization for a full month to reduce the amount of charges to your credit card to about one a month.



4) Press the Enable auto-refill button. The Account auto-refill card will now display your automatic refill amount and threshold. You can return to this section at anytime to edit your Auto Refill settings.



Enabling auto-refill on activation 

Alternatively you can also Enable auto-refill in the Set up auto-refill step of the SIM activation process.


Note: Billing settings are set at the organization level.


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