Modem & SIM annotated diagnostic test

Note: Before you begin, please ensure your SIM is successfully activated in the Hologram Dashboard.

For instructions on sending AT commands to a device, click here. Keep in mind that the instructions are written for Hologram Novas but use basic serial communication and standard AT commands so the same commands can be used on all modems. If you are unable to open a serial communication channel with your modem, contact your original equipment manufacturer for instructions on sending AT commands to your device.

Modem, Module, & SIM Diagnostic Procedure

Using your favorite terminal program (Screen, Teraterm, Putty, GTKTerm, etc.), run the following commands and record their outputs. Note, the last command, below, may take up to 3 minutes to complete.

Command Function Sample Response
AT Attention OK
ATI Module Number SARA-U201-03B-00
AT+CGMI Manufacturer Specific Identity u-blox
AT+CGMM Manufacturer Specific Model Identity SARA-U201
AT+GMM Manufacturer Specific Model Identity SARA-U201
AT+CCID Check The SIM ICCID +CCID: 1234567890123456789
AT+CRSM=176,28539,0,0,12 Read Data File 28539 In Binary Mode +CRSM: 144,0,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"
AT+CFUN? Determine What Mode the Module Is In +CFUN: 1,0
AT+CSQ Signal Quality +CSQ: 22,4
AT+CREG? Network Registration Status +CREG: 0,5
AT+CGREG? GPRS Network Registration Status +CGREG: 0,5
AT+CEREG? EPS Network Registration Status +CEREG: 2,5,"MI9S","25SS404",8
AT+CGDCONT? Read PDP Context's Parameters (APN) +CGDCONT: 1,"IP","hologram","",0,0
AT+CGACT? PDP Context Activation +CGACT:1,0
AT+COPS? Operator Selection Status and Current Operator +COPS: 1,2,"310260",2
AT+COPS=? Networks In Reach


If the module returns an error, please try again. This command can take up to 3 minutes to run.


If you are not seeing the AT commands, you are typing try sending ATE.  If you prefer, you can run this script for the diagnostics to automatically execute.

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