Pause or resume a SIM's data usage

Pausing a SIM's’s data usage allows you to temporarily disable all connectivity for your device through the SIM. The SIM will not be able to send or receive SMS, or connect to the internet. This may be useful if you expect a device to be inactive for a period of time and want to ensure you aren't charged for any data usage.

Note: Paused SIMs still incur platform fee charges to maintain access to our platform functionality, carrier networks, and to provide the option of resuming data usage. You cannot change a paused SIM's data plan, so we suggest making any plan changes prior to pausing.

Pause or resume data usage from the device page

To pause a device's data usage go into that device's page and press the Pause button.


To resume service press the Resume button that replaces the Pause button when in the SIM is in a paused state.


Alternatively, you can select devices from the Devices page and use the Manage button to pause or resume data usage.


How to manage a SIM's data usage

Pause data usage

To pause a SIM’s data usage go into that SIM's page, open the Manage SIMs dropdown at the top of the page and select Pause data usage….

Resume data usage

To resume a SIM’s data usage, open the Manage SIMs dropdown at the top of the page and select Resume data usage….

You can also pause or resume data usage for any number of SIMs using the Manage SIMs dropdown in the SIMs page.



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