How does billing work?

Hologram accounts are billed from a pre-paid Account Balance that can be filled with a credit card on file or bank account for enterprise plans. 

As devices are activated, use data, send SMS, or renew on the platform, the billing system will draw down from each organization's Account Balance. One exception is Data Pool plans, which are billed directly on the 1st of the month from a credit card on file. You can read more about the breakdown of charges here.

To add balance to your Hologram account, follow the steps in this guide.

An important note is that if you have a negative account balance, and auto refill is not set, a notification will be sent via e-mail before the system begins automatically pausing SIMs until the account is in good standing.

Hologram’s Automatic Refill feature allows users to automatically charge a credit card on file whenever the account balance gets below an amount designated by the user. Though it’s not required, we strongly recommend enabling this feature to avoid service interruption, which occurs when your account has a negative balance.

We’ll send you an email receipt each time we charge your credit card. You can also view an in depth history of your billing information from the Hologram Dashboard under Account Billing.

For an overview on charges on your bill, see What is the breakdown of charges per SIM?

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