How do I set the APN?

The Hologram SIM is hardware-agnostic, and it should work with any hardware that is not locked to a carrier. To use a Hologram SIM, you simply need to set the device's APN to hologram. The APN allows your device to properly set up a connection to the gateway between Hologram and the Internet. 

With your device powered off, insert the Hologram Global SIM Card into your device and power your device back on.

Then, configure your device to use Hologram’s Access Point Name (APN) to load the proper configuration. In many devices this is set via SMS, firmware, or other configuration interface. Consult your device’s documentation on how to configure the APN. 

The correct APN settings are as follows:

APN: hologram
APN username: (none)
APN password: (none)
IP Address: Dynamic (using DHCP)
Data Roaming: Enabled

If you have any issues, please refer to your device's manual. You can also ask our active community forum.

In general, we have seen the following trends for setting the APN:

  • USB modems and routers have their APN set via a web portal or an app that is pre-loaded into the device.
  • Micro Controller Units the APN is set via software or firmware.
  • GPS devices (asset trackers) need APN settings to be sent via SMS messages.
  • Phones and Tablets are usually automatically set but can be manually set in the settings menu.

Please note that these are general guidelines and your device may vary. Setting the APN can change vastly from device to device, so it is best to reference your device's documentation or contact your device manufacturer if you have any doubts. 

For detailed instructions on setting up a device with a Hologram SIM, we also have guides for various third-party hardware.

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