What Plan Should I Choose?

Plan selection varies from use case to use case. As such Hologram offers several different plan options to give you several options to find the best fit for your needs. Furthermore, Hologram allows you to switch plans on demand providing you with an extra degree freedom when exploring the best plan for you. Below are a few rules to follow to make sure you are optimizing your plan selection:

1) If you are unsure of how much data your device uses select the Flexible plan to monitor data usage for a few days. Once you have a better idea of your usage modify your plan accordingly.

2) If you are using less than 250MB per billing cycle (30 days) choose the Flexible plan. If you are using 250mb or more choose the High Bandwidth plan that closest matches your usage and deployment area.

3) If you have a seasonal use case that uses over 250MB select the best fitting High Bandwidth plan while the SIM is active, when the SIM is not being used switch to the Flexible plan to avoid prepaying for unused data.

4) Take advantage of Hologram's scaled pricing. The bigger the fleet the lower the prices.

5) For cases where your fleet and data requirements are constantly changing Hologram recommends using individual plans for each device to optimize spending. However, if you have a fleet of devices that will not change in size, and will consistently consume the same amount of data, consider a pooled plan. Keep in mind that unlike individual plans, pooled plans can only be changed for the following month.


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