What data plan should I choose?

Selecting the best data plan for your fleet(s) will vary based on your unique use case, deployment locations, and hardware. Hologram offers several different data plan options so that you can choose the best fit for your needs based on data usage and regional deployments. Furthermore, Hologram allows you to switch data plans on-demand providing you with an extra degree of freedom when exploring the best plan for you.

Hologram offers two types of data plans:

  1. Pay as you go data plans, also known as Flexible data plans, are best for data usage that changes and charge you only for the data you use, per device, at a fixed rate.
  2. Pay monthly data plans, also known as High Bandwidth data plans, are best for data usage you can predict and provide you with a fixed amount of prepaid data each billing cycle at a lower rate. These data plans still allow for usage over the included data at a separate rate.

Note: If you need more flexibility, have specific coverage or data usage needs, or to learn more about our volume discounting, please reach out to our sales team.


Optimizing data plan selection

You are unsure of how much data your device uses

Select a Pay as you go data plan to monitor data usage for a few days. Once you have a better idea of your usage modify your data plan accordingly.


You are using less than 250 MB per billing cycle

If you use smaller amounts of data over your 30-day billing cycles, choose a Pay as you go data plan.


You are using more than 250 MB per billing cycle

Choose a Pay monthly data plan that most closely matches your usage and deployment area.


Your data usage is seasonal or changes throughout the year

If your devices use over 250 MB of data during predictable time frames, select the most appropriate Pay monthly data plan while the SIM is active. While the SIM is not being used, switch to a Pay as you go data plan or pause your devices to avoid prepaying for unused data.


You have a larger fleet

Take advantage of Hologram's scaled pricing. The bigger the fleet the lower the prices.


Your devices are deployed in unpredictable locations

Our regional data plans help you get the best price for predictable deployments. If your devices regularly travel between countries or you don’t know where your devices will be deployed, then choose a Global data plan. If you need a custom solution, our sales team can help.


Your fleet and data requirements change regularly

We recommend choosing individual data plans per device to optimize your spending. However, if you have a fleet of devices that will not change in size, and will consistently consume the same amount of data, consider a pooled data plan. Keep in mind that unlike individual data plans, pooled data plans can only be changed for the following month.


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