Hologram Inflight (Enterprise)

Hologram Inflight enables IoT connectivity monitoring, alert, and collaboration features in the Hologram Dashboard to empower your team with insights and tools to manage your device fleet. In this guide, we review the different features available to Hologram Inflight organizations that simplify the active management of device fleets.

Note: This feature is only available to legacy accounts.


Viewing Hologram Inflight action items

Hologram Inflight Enterprise customers will have a new Home section on the left-hand side navigation bar of their Hologram Dashboard. The Home section will be the default section after logging in and where new Inflight features are available to users in your organization.


At the top of the Home section, Inflight will present high-level usage trends of your devices over the last week.  For additional detail and analysis, click into the Usage section and reference the following guide for further information: How can I track my usage?




After the usage summary section on the Home page, the Action Items section displays alerts about your device fleet that Hologram has automatically detected and is presenting for your team's review.




Each alert row provides a timestamp of when Hologram Inflight created the alert, additional context, and in-line immediate action buttons when hovering over the right side of the alert row.


From each alert type's top header, you can choose to 1) Acknowledge All to dismiss all alerts for that specific type or 2) Select Multiple to address specific alerts with immediate in-line actions.



After clicking Select Multiple, the alert window will display check-boxes to the left of each alert row.  Select the alerts you would like to take action on or acknowledge, then click Done to return to the default view.



Action item alert types

Inflight will currently display three alerts about your IoT devices:

  1. SIMs in new device types

    Hologram Inflight creates an alert when it detects that a SIM has been moved into a new device type. This event is determined based on the cellular module's IMEI TAC that a Hologram IoT SIM pairs with. This alert may indicate that an unauthorized person has tampered with your IoT device and placed it in a new cellular device. If the device type based on IMEI TAC is known, the cellular module make and model will be displayed next to the device's current usage this billing period compared to the previous one for comparison. Learn more in our IMEI/TAC guide.

    For each alert, clicking the down arrow will expand further information to determine how best to take action on the affected device.


    The expanded alert information will provide a timeline of data usage before and after the SIM was moved into a new device type to help determine if any further action is required.


    If the SIM change is unauthorized, Pause or Deactivate to prevent the SIM from unnecessary data overages directly in-line at the bottom of the expanded view.  Otherwise, investigate the device further by clicking the device name link on the bottom-left corner or Acknowledge the alert to dismiss.


  2. Data usage limit reached

    If your organization has data limits set on your devices, Inflight will create an alert when a SIM reaches a data limit, and the Dashboard has paused the device. The alert will provide information about overage and time remaining in the device's billing period for the billing system to reset the data allowance. In-line actions are available to update a device data limit or data plan.



  3. Data usage alert reached

    If your organization has usage alert thresholds set on your devices, Inflight will create an alert when the device has used data past the set threshold amount. The alert will provide information about the data used and the threshold placed on the device. In-line actions are available to pause the SIM or update the data plan.



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