Hologram Return and Refund Policy

At Hologram, our goal is to make sure that you are happy with our products and services. As such, we offer a flexible return/refund policy for items purchased on our store as described below.

Hologram Novas

We will accept return requests for unopened Novas within 30 days of the purchase. Once the team receives and inspects the returned package a refund will be made to the original form of payment. There are no restocking charges for devices returned in good condition.

All Hologram Novas are factory tested before they are packaged and shipped. If you have a Nova that is not behaving as expected, we recommend looking at the Nova articles in our Help Center. The Hologram forum is also a great resource. If your Nova is still exhibiting issues, please contact success@hologram.io with a detailed description of the issues you are facing.

Hologram SIMs

Due to the nature of the information printed on Hologram SIMs, we are not able to accept returns or provide refunds regardless of their condition.

Items Damaged During Shipping

If your package was damaged during shipping please email success@hologram.io with pictures and a description of your package within 7 days of receiving it.

Return/Refund Guidelines

For all returns and refunds, contact success@hologram.io with your order ID number and a brief description of why you are returning the item. We encourage you to also send pictures of your order to help us better understand what is going on. With the exception of manufacturing defects, all return shipments are not covered by Hologram. Furthermore, a restocking fee may be applied based on the condition of the returned goods. Hologram reserves the right to limit or deny support for purchases placed more than one year prior to the date of contacting support and of unsupported products.


Return Summary

Item Novas SIMs
Refund Eligibility 30 Days Not allowed
Method of Refund Original Payment Source N/A
Product Condition: Unopened Box N/A
Refund Contact Info success@hologram.io success@hologram.io
Charges No restocking fee if in good condition N/A



Please note that the terms are subject to change by hologram in its sole discretion at any time.




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