How can I transfer ownership of an organization?

In order to transfer the ownership of an organization to a different user, first make sure that that user is added as collaborator on the organization in question. Read more about that process here: How do I create and manage organizations?


Once the desired new Owner is a collaborator on the organization, the current Owner must email from the email associated to the organization on the Hologram platform following the template below. Replace the <> tags with your request:


Account transfer


Please permanently transfer Organization <ORGID> to user <new owner's email>.
I acknowledge that I will no longer be the owner of that organization or
the SIMs that are in it.


If you are unable to gain access to the owner's email you must follow this process:

  • Add a TXT DNS Record on your business domain with Hologram (ex:
    • Set the TXT record as


  • Hologram Support will verify the TXT record was added within 24-48 hours using a DNS service
  • Once this is confirmed we can proceed with the transfer of ownership 
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