Get started with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Hologram offers open-source command-line and language SDK tools to easily enable you to manage devices and data.

Hologram CLI

Hologram’s Command Line Interface is an easy-to-use command set for managing cellular modems and sending data to and from devices.

It’s designed to be run on small Linux devices such as the Raspberry Pi, which are connected to the internet using a USB cellular modem like the Hologram Nova.

You can learn more by reading through the Hologram CLI documentation.

Hologram CLI Quick Reference

For a full list of commands:

hologram --help 

Send a message:

sudo hologram send -t  

Receive inbound messages (try sending from the Hologram Dashboard):

sudo hologram receive 

Bring up/down an internet connection:

sudo hologram network connect 
sudo hologram network disconnect 

Check signal strength:

sudo hologram modem signal 

Check network operator:

sudo hologram modem operator 

Get u-blox CellLocate Location:

sudo hologram modem location 
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