Professional Plan

The Professional Plan combines Hologram’s global coverage with connectivity tools and pricing for organizations to make connecting IoT devices simpler and scaling faster.

Note: The Professional Plan is only available to legacy accounts. If you would like to upgrade your plan, please reach out to our sales team.


The Professional Plan includes the following features:

Live Usage & Connection Data

Hologram Professional Edition devices provide real-time status of connection state* to the internet. Hologram receives this stream of information as devices actively connect anywhere on Hologram’s global network through an integration built with its network partners. The real-time connection data is displayed on the dashboard as indicated in the screenshot below and available via the API.

Data Session and connection Status

Device data session and connection information updates are triggered each time a SIM successfully opens a packet switched data session on the Hologram network. This indicates that the device has (1) successfully registered to a cell tower (2) attached to Hologram’s APN gateway and (3) is connected and ready to begin transmitting internet data over the network. 

Once the data session is established, the device will transition from a state of Live to Connected. This Connected connection state will remain until the data session ends.


Usually, each time a data session is attached, the IMEI of the cellular module used to connect will also be displayed. IMEI stands for: International Mobile Equipment Identifier. This information can be used to validate SIM deployments and manufacturing processes with available internal information.

Note that not all carriers provide us with IMEI information. Since the IMEI is an identifier for your modem, it is best practice to make note of it based on the identifying information printed on the device/modem and match it with the device's SIM number in your database prior to sending it to the field.

Cell Tower Approximation

An approximate GPS coordinate position is provided based on the cell tower a device is registered to for data transmission. This GPS location of the cell tower’s epicenter is approximated through a global crowd-sourced database of cell towers and network coverage. Location precision will vary based on the number of contributed recordings, but is typically within 1km in urban areas with good network coverage. This information can be helpful for identifying rough geographic location or validating that fixed assets remain in place. However, this information is not recommended for use as sole source of device location and retrieval.

Note: This cell tower location is different than the Cell Locate functionality available via the Nova and Dash which use cell triangulation based on available towers in the area.

Flexible Data Rate

The Flexible Data Rate is a single rate for all networks in Hologram’s standard global coverage area of 170+ countries and ~400 carriers. This includes most countries in North America, Europe, and Asia and support for South America and Africa. Great for IoT devices with lower volume data use cases. The Flexible Data rate begins at $0.08/MB only when data is transmitted on the network (billed by the kB) no matter which country or partner a device connects to on Hologram’s network. Also, Scaled Volume Discounts are automatically applied when organizations reach different levels of # of devices on the Hologram platform, starting at 100. Full coverage details here:

Note: This is closest to Hologram's previous Pay-as-you-go plans and combines the previous Zone 1 and 2 coverage zones by default for all professional plans with a lower data rate.

Flexible Pools

Flexible Pools are monthly pre-paid pools of data that can be shared across all Professional Plan devices. Starting at 100MB monthly pools, organizations can set pools of data to save on data through a lower effective $/MB rate.

When a Flexible Pool is setup on an organization, any data usage is first drawn down from the pool before any data is billed at the Flexible Data Rate on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Customers can manage their organization’s Flexible Data Pools from the Dashboard in the Settings > Plans menu as shown in the screenshots below.

Flexible pools are billed at the beginning of each month and any changes can be scheduled to begin at the 1st of the following month. Flexible pools do not apply to devices use plans other than Flexible Data.

Scaled Volume Discounts

Scaled Volume Discounts are automatically applied discounts to both monthly active device and Flexible Data Rates, based on an organization’s number of active devices on the Hologram platform. Starting at only 100 devices, customers can save up to 33% on their overall connectivity budget for their IoT device fleet.

Customers can view their current path to more Scaled Volume Discount milestones from the Dashboard in the Settings > Plans menu as shown in the screenshots below.

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