Pilot Plans

The Hologram Pilot SIM and plan are provided to connect a SIM and try out Hologram’s IoT cellular platform for free. Each SIM includes up to 1MB of data each month anywhere on Hologram’s global network. As with most other Hologram SIM Plans device terminated SMS messages are free and device originated SMS messages cost $0.19/message.

Default Data Limit

By default during activation, a data limit will be set for no overage of 1MB each month. However, if the limit is removed in the Hologram Dashboard, that Pilot SIM can use data over 1MB at the Flexible Data rate of $0.60/MB.

Limit to 1 SIM per Organization

The Pilot Plan is only available for the first activation in your account.

If the SIM is deactivated, you cannot activate a new SIM on the Pilot Plan. If the SIM's plan is changed, it cannot be changed back to the Pilot Plan.

Cannot Transfer Between Organizations

A SIM on the Pilot Plan cannot be transferred to a different organization. In order to the transfer the SIM, you must upgrade it to a different plan.

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