Send a circuit-switched SMS message to the Hologram Cloud

SMS-capable devices on Hologram’s cellular network can send messages to the Cloud Services Router via standard circuit-switched SMS messages to Hologram’s SMS inbox. You don’t need to specify API credentials, as Hologram can authenticate devices by their SIM cards. 

Note: Sending SMS messages from your device on the Hologram network will incur fees at SMS rates, which are typically more costly than data rates. Unless you require sending for integration purposes, it is advantageous to use the Embedded API, which is billed at standard data rates.

 Hologram Cloud's Phone Number:


Example SMS body:

Hello, World!


The SMS message can be viewed in the All Activity drawer on the Dashboard. It will automatically include the _SMS_DO_ topic and the _DEVICE_[deviceid]_ topic associated with the SIM. You can also view the list of messages using the 'List All Data Engine Message' REST API endpoint.


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