Send a circuit-switched SMS message to the Hologram Cloud

SMS-capable devices on Hologram’s cellular network can send messages to the Cloud Services Router via standard circuit-switched SMS messages to Hologram’s SMS inbox. You don’t need to specify API credentials, as Hologram can authenticate devices by their SIM cards. 

Note: This feature is only available to standard Hologram SIMs. At this time, Indigo SIMs do not have access to send circuit-switched SMS to the Hologram Cloud.

 Hologram Cloud's Phone Number:


Example SMS body:

Hello, World!


The SMS message can be viewed in the All Activity drawer on the Dashboard. It will automatically include the _SMS_DO_ topic and the _DEVICE_[deviceid]_ topic associated with the SIM. You can also view the list of messages using the 'List All Data Engine Message' REST API endpoint.


Note: Sending SMS messages from your device on the Hologram network will incur fees at SMS rates, which are typically more costly than data rates.

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