Hologram Hyper Device Compatibility Check for eUICC Operations

As part of onboarding to Hologram Hyper, Hologram will remotely run eUICC test operations with a customer's device to validate successful over-the-air profile management operations through the Hologram Dashboard. eUICC operations utilize industry-standard communication methods between the cellular module and eUICC SIM card such as BIP (bearer independent protocol), SMS, and SIM toolkit AT commands.  Outside of these common SIM and module functions, no additional requirements are typically required for IoT devices to support eUICC capability.

If you're interested in Hologram Hyper for your cellular IoT fleet, reach out to your Hologram Account Executive or contact our Sales team to learn more about our enterprise features. You can read more on our Hologram Hyper page.

Why is testing eUICC operations part of Hyper onboarding?

While eUICC platforms follow the agreed-upon GSMA standards mentioned above, performance varies based on network conditions, hardware performance, firmware connectivity logic, and/or cellular module configuration. Testing your hardware as part of onboarding helps uncover potential compatibility issues. Launching with a successfully tested device during onboarding opens up the device to being compatible with Hologram's growing portfolio of eUICC profiles.

What happens during a Hologram Hyper Compatibility Check?

During the compatibility check, Hologram will test all available eUICC profile management operations in multiple cycles to test downloading, enabling, and deleting of eUICC operational profiles over-the-air. From the device standpoint, it will appear as if the device is connecting on the Hologram network while alternating between different SIM cards, but since this is all happening on the Hyper platform, this is all enabled over-the-air rather than swapping out physical SIMs.

How the Hologram Hyper Compatibility Check process works

Hologram Hyper Enterprise customers will have a new Hyper tab on each of their device's individual device pages. The Hyper tab will store new eUICC-related information and features available to users in your organization. This section will only be accessible for devices with eUICC-capable Hyper SIMs.


Before requesting a Hyper Compatibility Check, it is required to have the device powered on and configured for internet access on the Hologram network (I.e. 'hologram' APN configured).

On the Hyper tab, the Hardware Compatibility card will display information about the device and a button to Request Compatibility Test.


Clicking the Request Compatibility Test button will display a modal with important device setup criteria to facilitate successful eUICC test operations.


After confirming your device's active state as described in the modal, clicking the This device is ready for testing button in the modal will send a request to the Hologram Success team to run a series of eUICC operations on your Hyper eUICC SIM. This may take a few business days.


From there, it is important to keep the device powered on with an active connection to the Hologram cellular IoT network. Only then will the Hologram Success team be able to perform the tests and follow-up directly with results. 

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