Hologram Indigo

Hologram Indigo is a new SIM offering designed to help you stay connected in regions with market, regulatory, or commercial challenges that make launching IoT products difficult.

Indigo is a companion offering to the Hologram Global IoT SIM that helps supplement coverage on the edges of your deployment. It simplifies deploying in complex regulatory markets, as well as regions with limited coverage options like Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Africa. You can continue to manage your entire fleet from your Hologram Dashboard. This single pane of glass helps your team manage every device, regardless of which SIM hardware you use.

What you need to know

Where do Hologram Indigo SIMs make the most sense to use?
Hologram Indigo is designed to solve the challenges of deploying in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and select countries in Africa. Indigo SIMs can also be used in the United States, but they have limited coverage.

How does Hologram Indigo fit into my fleet?
Hologram Indigo SIMs are a separate SKU at this time. Full SIM lifecycle management remains the same, using the same Hologram Dashboard.

Why would I use this over the Hologram Global IoT SIM?
Hologram Indigo SIMs work alongside your Global IoT SIMs to provide better coverage and access in challenging markets.

Comparing SIMs

Some features and services differ or are unavailable using Hologram Indigo SIM cards at this time.


Uniting with Hologram Hyper

Hologram Indigo uses different SIM hardware than the Hologram Global IoT SIM. Our priority is to never delay deployments and ensure access to the best coverage in every region as soon as possible.

We’re working rapidly to unite these two products under our new Hologram Hyper eUICC platform to return to a single SKU service.

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