Why is my device not showing an IMEI?

Usually, each time a data session is created, the IMEI of the cellular module used to connect will be sent to us by the carrier and will be displayed on the device's page. However, IMEIs may not be available in some cases:

  • SIMs that have not yet connected to a network will not have any IMEI information provided.
  • Not all networks provide us with IMEI information for every session so there are situations where your device will connect, but the IMEI will not be populated.
  • We show the last known IMEI from any previously closed session. There are rare cases where a SIM has switched devices but still shows an old IMEI.

Note: It is best practice to match the IMEI based on the identifying information printed on the device/modem with the device's SIM number in your database prior to sending it to the field. If you move a SIM between devices or replace the cellular module or modem in a device, your IMEI will change.

Missing IMEIs in the SIM page

If we have not yet seen an IMEI for a SIM, the details page for that SIMs will display “Not available” in the Last known IMEI fields. 

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