Bulk resume in the Hologram Dashboard

With bulk resume enabled for your fleet, you can now resume up to 10,000 devices at a time. To resume devices, the flow is the same as it was prior to this enhancement; you are no longer limited to ten devices. 

From within the the "Devices" section of your Hologram Dashboard,

  • select the devices you'd like to resume
  • click the "Manage" dropdown from the toolbar
  • select "Resume data" from the drop-down menu



After you click "Resume data", you'll see a confirmation modal appear.

  • Review the preview list of devices to validate that you're resuming the desired devices
  • Check the checkbox that says, "Yes, I want to resume these devices"
  • Click the "Resume devices" button



You will receive a confirmation modal appear confirming that your resume request was sent to our carriers. 



Note: You should see the status of your devices update within 10 minutes. In rare cases it may take up to 24 hours.

After you create the resume request, you will see the action in the action list.



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