Automated Modem Diagnostics (Python)

The below code allows you to automatically run your Modem Diagnostics (as explained here) through a Python script, which will show you the output in your screen as well as save it in a text file.


First step is to plug in your device and download the attached scripts.


Once you do, just run the script as shown below and it will run the Modem Diagnostics for you. You can see the output on your screen, but you will also see a ModemDiagnostics.txt file in the same location, which you can then send to us with your ticket so we can help you troubleshoot.


python3 --port /dev/ttyUSB2 --baud 115200



  • --port argument is optional. If not specified, a menu will pop up with the available serial ports.
  • --baud argument is optional. If not specified, a value of 115200 is used by default.
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