Audit user actions with activity history

Activity history allows customers to see the history of all completed user-initiated activation, pause, and resume actions taken in the Hologram Dashboard and API after January 21, 2022.

View user activity history

To access a history of actions taken on your SIMs:

  1. Open the Devices or SIMs sections in the main menu.
  2. Open the Activity history page in the top navigation.

The main Activity history page shows the date the action was completed, the type of action taken, how many SIMs were affected, and who took the action. The table is automatically sorted with the most recent activity at the top.

Only completed actions will appear in activity history. All pending actions will appear in the pending activity list

View activity history details 

To view information on the SIMs affected:

  1. Hover over the row with the record you want to review and press the View details link that appears.

The Activity history details page shows details about the action taken. The header shows the number of devices impacted, time of change, and the user that initiated the action. The table lists the SIM name, any added tags, the SIM's currently enabled ICCID, last known IMEI, device ID, and the link ID (Hologram's profile ID).

Export SIMs

At the top right of Activity history details page, press the Export CSV button to export a file of the data you see on the screen. This can be helpful if you want to work offline, manipulate the data, or use the file to take a bulk action on those devices via the API. This will prompt a CSV file download to your computer's download folder. 

View details about a SIM

From the Activity history details page click the SIM's name to go directly to the Single device page to investigate more about that particular device. If a device has moved to another organization since an action was taken, note that it will show up with limited information. You will see the device ID represented, but all other data will be hidden. 


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