Client applications: downloads

Client applications

Spacebridge client

Securely connect to your devices on the Hologram network


Dash downloads

Firmware images and upgrades

Latest version of the Hologram Dash and Hologram Dash Pro system firmware images.

Package Version Link SHA1
Dash & Dash Pro Firmware 0.10.3 Download 124630b4a9299593c8a7e5f1b2eea6edd904f470
Source 0.10.3 Github  



Standalone software and firmware updater

An alternative to the Arduino IDE for updating user code and firmware


Windows COM driver

Required for communicating with the Dash via serial from a Windows PC.

Package Link SHA1
Windows COM driver Download 03ada1f441fef5de287f8bf33e7f25812d7086f7


Dash Serial Gateway

Program image that used to come preloaded on Dash that sends all data from serial or USB port to Hologram cloud. (Dash 1.2 comes preloaded with REPL sketch from our examples.)

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